KNG Gives

At Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), we expect our Kent and Blue Seal brands to personify our three brand pillars - Quality, Service, and Trust. In fact, we use the three pillars to help us fulfill our mission to be the most trusted and preeminent regionally focused animal nutrition brands in the country — with Kent in the Midwest and Blue Seal in the East. Consequently, at Kent Nutrition Group, we believe that it is both our privilege and responsibility to give back to those we work with and serve.

That is why we have created KNG Gives. The specific purpose for creating KNG Gives is to be a social impact program that provide assistance, aid, and financial support to the communities, customers, employees we serve. Giving back to these groups through KNG Gives not only helps us express our sincere gratitude, but also lets us show that KNG is not just an animal company, but a people company as well.

As a social impact program, KNG Gives focuses on finding charitable and giving opportunities at the local, state, and regional levels. We do this in a variety of ways such as giving away feed, providing scholarships, financial donations, crisis assistance, and other related charitable acts. The primary audience of our giving is the local communities and causes that are tied closely to the towns and cities where we live and do business. We are thankful to support KNG Gives because it allows us to make a positive difference by supporting those who have helped us grow into the successful company we are today.

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