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brand logosKent Nutrition Group was formed to bring out the best in two highly successful regional feed companies — Kent and Blue Seal. Founded in 1927, Kent has grown to become a leading animal nutrition brand in the Midwest. Blue Seal began in 1868 and has since grown into a leading animal nutrition brand in the East.

Together, the Kent and Blue Seal brands are the most trusted and preeminent regionally focused animal nutrition brands in the country. As a result, Kent Nutrition Group is dedicated to helping them both bring their legacies of quality products to even more customers who are seeking the highest quality nutrition for their animals — whether for livestock, horses, pets, or small animals.

Part of something bigger.

Kent Nutrition Group is a division of Kent Corporation, a family-owned American company with a history of innovation in animal nutrition. We’re dedicated to commercial producers, farming communities, and animal lovers. We are proud of our role in animal nutrition, and we work every day to enrich the lives of those who raise and care for animals.

Serving the Midwest since 1927.
Serving the East since 1868.

Meet Randy “Boomer” Rosenboom

Boomer has been with Kent for 21 years, helping producers with nutrition, risk management and profitability. “A lot of the advice we give them is just as valuable as the feed.” Read the full article to learn why. 

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Latest Trends in Chicken Keeping

The excitement around backyard chicken keeping continues to grow, with “chicken-centric” blogs, social media pages and books. Here are some of the latest trends that everyone’s talking about.

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Meet Robert Korn

Robert’s father started a feed dealership 43 years ago from the garage of their family home. Find out who Korn credits with their success today. (Hint: It’s not himself.)

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Preparing Chickens for Summer Heat

Understanding your chickens’ needs is important in warmer months, especially since they do far better in cold temperatures than in the heat. Once the mercury rises past 75-degrees, they’ll start feeling the effects.

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Meet Curt Schoonover

For customers in his southeast Iowa sales territory, Curt Schoonover tries to be “the answer man” – and not just for questions about feed.

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Meet Ken Geuns

Ken grew up feeding his 4-H show cattle 34% Baby Beef. Now, he has 30 head of beef cows and stays busy traveling across Michigan talking about how Kent exceeds industry standards in feed safety. Find out what his customers believe sets Kent apart. 

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Meet James Grothe

James Grothe has a simple answer to the complex question of how to get the most profit and production out of cattle: The Three C’s – Comfort, Consistency and Calories.

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Meet Dr. Brandon Koch

Have you heard the story of a young boy who skipped school to watch his family cut silage, went on to get a PhD and become the beef nutritionist at KNG, helping producers be more profitable?

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Feed ‘Em Right From the Start

Baby chicks are much like our own babies. They don’t really stick to a regular schedule and instead eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and play and poop in between. Knowing what and when to feed your chicks is critical to get them off to a good start. Read Lisa Steele’s steps for how to do just that.

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Keeping Your Chicks Healthy

Chicks purchased from a reputable feed store or hatchery likely won’t face major health issues, but there are still some things that can go wrong. It’s always good to at least be aware of these common chick health concerns.

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Kent Nutrition Group Launches NutriVantage® for beef to Boost Gains

Research shows increased dry matter intake with newly branded feed supplement. Beef producers are always trying to find a way to increase average daily gains. Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), makers of Kent products, has an exclusive solution to help cattlemen with that goal. Dr. Brandon Koch, Ph. D., KNG Beef Nutritionist shares the latest study results.

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Coop, Sweet Coop

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes. No design is perfect, but all good chicken coops do share some common characteristics. You can buy a prebuilt coop or a coop kit that you put together yourself. You can also build from scratch, or you can even convert a garden shed or other outbuilding into a perfectly serviceable coop.

No matter how you choose to build it, here are a few requirements for every coop.

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Oh, Happy (Chick) Days!

Each spring, our thoughts turn to baby chicks. Whether we are expanding our existing flock or just starting out with chickens for the first time, getting a few chicks is the best way to add flock members. On the other hand, adding pullets or grown hens can bring a host of potential problems – like the risk of transmitting infectious disease to your other chickens. Not knowing the exact age of the birds, their health histories or information on their previous diet and care are additional challenges.

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Gauss named Kent Nutrition Group President

Mike Gauss has been named president for Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) effective January 1, 2019. John Thorpe, previous president of KNG, has been promoted to president and chief operating officer for Kent Corporation, the parent company for KNG, Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), Kent Precision Foods Group and Kent Pet Group.

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Announcing the Aaron Boysen Memorial Scholarship

The Aaron Boysen Memorial Scholarship has been established to celebrate the life and professional work of Aaron Boysen. Aaron lived a full life that passionately focused on three areas – family, agriculture, and his work at Kent. Aaron’s devotion to these, left a lasting impression on those who came in contact with him both personally and through working with him during his more than 30 years at Kent.

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Kent Featured at White House “Made in America” Event

Kent was the only Iowa company invited and the only agricultural company featured at this year’s “Made in America” event. The event showcases companies from each of the 50 states and highlights their efforts and commitment to American-made goods.

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Kent Corporation commits $8 million for Iowa State’s Feed Mill and Grain Science Project

The money is part of $14 million committed by Kent Corporation, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, and Sukup Manufacturing. These funds are the first to be announced for the $21.2 million feed mill and grain science complex.

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Kent Nutrition Group Rockford Plant Named 2015 Feed Mill of the Year

The Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) manufacturing plant at Rockford, Illinois, has been named 2015 “Feed Mill of the Year” by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Feedstuffs newspaper.

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