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KNG Donates Animal Feed to Camp Courageous

Camp Courageous’ exceptional mission is assisted by Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), a subsidiary company of Kent Corporation, through donations of animal feed. This commitment by KNG, through its social impact program KNG GIVES will help the year-round recreation and respite-care facility continue to care for animals that provide an amazing activity geared toward empowering campers to explore the world around them through hands-on learning experiences.

“KNG’s goal is to be a trusted manufacturer of animal nutrition and we are proud that Kent feed fuels the animals at Camp Courageous,” said Mike Gauss, President of Kent Nutrition Group. “The impact the camp has on thousands of individuals lasts well beyond their stay and we are grateful to contribute to that experience. Feeding the animals is one small piece of what goes into the amazing organization that is Camp Courageous”

Built on an old pine farm in 1972, Camp Courageous is primarily supported by individual donations and community partners. The camp will serve more than 9,000 people with special needs this year. Programs range in duration from one-day sessions to week-long camps. Campers of all ages, from across the state of Iowa and the greater-Midwest region are exposed to a variety of confidence-building activities during their stay.

In the last 18 years, KNG has supplied the camp with Kent feed for goats, sheep, pigs, horses, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs and any other animals residing there. Typically, the camp will use around seven bags of feed a month including two 50-pound bags per outdoor animal and an additional bag for the smaller animals.

“At Camp Courageous we strive to inspire and empower individuals with special needs during their time here and beyond,” said Charlie Becker, CEO of Camp Courageous. “I am truly grateful for the incredible generosity and support of Kent Nutrition Group and its KNG GIVES program. Thanks to them and the support of so many others, Camp Courageous is able to provide the best experience possible for thousands of individuals with special needs.”

The Nature Center at Camp Courageous features a variety of animals that provide a fun, therapeutic and interactive activity for the thousands of campers who visit throughout the year.

“The campers get to interact with the animals and spot differences and similarities between them all,” said Uriel Moorer, Nature Director at Camp Courageous. “This helps the campers see past differences and learn that we are all more alike than we are different.”

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