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National Pork Month: A product for every producer

Kent Nutrition Group is committed to the success of pork producers — and we have research-driven products for all types of operations. Here’s a look at how we use different formulas to help all producers raise healthier pork more efficiently:

Idaho Pasture Pigs

Idaho Pasture Pigs are a cross of Kunekune, Old Berkshire, and Duroc breeds. They are bred to be fast growing, have gentle dispositions, be adaptable to weather and have high quality meat. Additionally, they are uniquely adapted to thrive on a diet of nearly 100% forage. While forage can provide a number of required nutrients, even the best forage won’t provide everything the pigs need. Field experience shows that Idaho Pasture Pigs thrive on rations using NexGen Premix 2090. Producers using this premix noted that pigs root less and graze more than when fed other feeds. It appears that NexGen Premix 2090 meets the unique needs of Idaho Pasture Pigs.

Natural/Niche Pork Programs

All natural swine feeding programs supply an important niche market in the U.S. pork industry. These feeding systems have stringent management systems and production protocols which are tracked and audited. These unique production protocols can limit supply, but this does not mean a niche operation is small.

Kent has a set of products that meet the strict requirements of the Niman Ranch protocols and provide excellent nutrition and tools to help with animal performance, nutrient optimization, and stress mitigation. These products allow us to provide a simple, cost-effective program that is easy for producers to use.

NexGen Natural is a complete line of products to fit all stages of production.

Starters Grow/Finish Sows
NexGen Natural Nursery Mixer NexGen Natural 60/50 PT + LYS NexGen Natural Golden K Sow
NexGen Natural HP 12-17 Complete NexGen Natural 60/50 PT + LYS + NV NexGen Natural Sow Mixer
NexGen Natural 17-40 Mixer ZO NexGen Natural 60/50 PT+ LYS Ultra NexGen Natural 36 GM Base
NexGen Natural 25-40 Mixer NexGen Natural Premix
NexGen Natural Premix LYS

Small-Scale and Backyard Pork

Formulated with the small scale producer in mind; our Home Fresh® products are made from fresh, premium-quality ingredients in a fixed component formula based on research-driven nutrition to provide a consistent, balanced, easy-to-feed diet in every bag. We offer you and your animals a complete line of feeds to meet their specific needs at each life stage.

With every feeding at any age, you’ll know that you’re giving your animals the wholesome, quality nutrition they need to be healthy, active, and productive. That’s a promise, from our family to yours.

  • Home Fresh Pig Starter — A high-protein, complete pig starter scientifically balanced for pigs weighing from 13 to 40 pounds. This high-protein diet is designed to maximize performance while helping pigs transition to grow and finish diets.
  • Home Fresh Pig Grow/Finish — A premium complete pig feed designed for growing and finishing pigs. It’s a 16% protein pellet, free of animal products and fully fortified to support maximum efficiency in various types of operations.
  • Home Fresh Sow DeveloperA versatile, premium complete feed, formulated for developing gilts, gestating sows and the maintenance of boars. This 14% protein pellet, free of animal products, can also be fed to high-performing, late-stage finishing pigs.
  • Home Fresh Sow PerformanceA premium complete feed formulated for pre-farrowing and lactating sows and growing pigs. This 17% protein pellet, free of animal products, is precisely balanced with high energy to help sows maintain proper body composition during lactation and to meet the dense nutrition needs of growing pigs.

Traditional Swine Production

The next generation of swine nutrition

NexGen is a comprehensive swine product line designed for modern genetics and current feeding systems to optimize swine performance and give superior value. Our NexGen swine products are designed to help strengthen your bottom line, making you more efficient and effective in your commercial swine business.

  • NexGen Early Nursery — The NexGen early nursery starter feeds include highly digestible protein sources to get young pigs off to a healthy start. The NexGen HP formulas contain a unique blend of ingredient, including hydrolyzed soy protein (HP), which allows for optimum pig growth without the use of animal plasmas. The addition of HP gives young pigs a leg up on total gut health. (Product list – NexGen 5-10 Complete, NexGen HP Starter SK, NexGen HP 8-13 Complete, NexGen HP 12-17 Complete, NexGen HP 12-17 Mixer, NexGen HP 14-22 Complete)
  • NexGen Late Nursery — The NexGen late nursery feeds are designed for pigs weight 17 to 40 pounds and are formulated to efficiently and profitably transition pigs from highly digestible, complex and costly feeds to simpler corn-soybean meal-DDGS based diets. These feeds are designed to help the pig adapt to the higher levels of soybean meal needed to optimize growth in the modern high growth, highly muscled genetic lines. (Product List – NexGen 17-25 Complete, NexGen 17-40 Mixer, NexGen 17-40 Supplement, NexGen 25-40 Complete, NexGen 25-40 Mixer)
  • NexGen Grow/Finish — The NexGen grow/finish products are designed to fill in nutritional gaps in traditional corn and soybean diets to allow pigs to grow and perform to their genetic potential. (Product List – NexGen Swine Supplement, NexGen Premix, NexGen 6/5 VTM PT, NexGen 60/50 Premix LYS DDG200, NexGen 60/50 Premix)
  • NexGen Sow — NexGen Sow products are low-inclusion premixes, designed to be mixed with corn and soybean meal to make sow, boar, and gilt development diets. These diets can also be used in some niche marketing programs. (Product List – NexGen Sow Premix 75, NexGen Gestation Supplement 400, NexGen Sow Mixer +  Availa® Sow, NexGen Sow Laxative)
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