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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get to know us better, here's a round-up of common questions about Kent Nutrition Group.

What is the history of Kent Nutrition Group?

In 2010, Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) was formed by combining the traditions of trusted quality nutrition and service of Kent Feeds and Blue Seal Feeds into one unified division.  Since then, KNG has focused on serving commercial livestock producers, equine, small pet owners and lifestyle enthusiasts through the Kent and Blue Seal brands.

Who owns Kent Nutrition Group?

Kent Nutrition Group is a division of Kent Corporation, a family-owned American company with a history of innovation in animal nutrition. We are dedicated to commercial producers, farming communities, and animal lovers. We're proud of our role in animal nutrition, and we work every day to enrich the lives of those who raise and care for animals.

What is Kent Nutrition Group's brand promise?

Quality animal nutrition that you can trust — guaranteed.

How does Kent Nutrition Group go to market with their Kent and Blue Seal brands?

Our Kent products are primarily available throughout the Midwest; however, some Kent commercial products are sold in the East. Blue Seal products are available throughout the Eastern U.S. at our stores, dealers and retailers.

Where can I purchase Kent and Blue Seal products?

To find a retailer near you, search our Where to Buy locator on the Kent or Blue Seal website.

How can I become a dealer/distributor of your product(s)?

For questions about how to become a Kent or Blue Seal dealer/distributor, please send us some initial information through the Contact Us section of the Kent or Blue Seal website.

Where can I buy Kent or Blue Seal merchandise?

Kent and Blue Seal branded items like shirts, vests, jackets, hats, caps, and more are available for purchase at kngmerchandise.com

How does Kent Nutrition Group do research for their products?

We hold our products to the highest standards from start to finish. Our commitment begins with our animal nutritionists, who perfect our products through rigorous research. It continues at our Product Development Center — an 800-acre research campus, where we run real-world product analysis. And our quality products are manufactured and tested every day at our award-winning plants and mills, which ensures that our products are consistent and safe.

What are the social impact programs that Kent Nutrition Group is affiliated with?

At Kent Nutrition Group (KNG), we expect our Kent and Blue Seal brands to personify our three brand pillars - Quality, Service, and Trust. That is why we created KNG Gives, a social impact program that provides assistance, aid, and financial support to our employees and the communities and customers we serve. Giving back to these groups through KNG Gives not only helps us express our sincere gratitude, but also lets us show that KNG is not just an animal company, but a people company as well. As a social impact program, KNG Gives focuses on finding charitable and giving opportunities at the local, state, and regional levels.

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