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NutriVantage: Not just another swine supplement

Who knew that an organic material that’s millions of years old and found in the Southwest, namely New Mexico, would completely transform animal nutrition by helping to reduce stress, improve health and maximize performance?

We did. Or at least, we figured it out.

For 13 years, Kent Nutrition Group has been researching a black, natural compound as it applies to animal diets. At its heart is a fresh-water reed sedge peat containing minerals and organic acids that – when combined with species-specific formulas created by KNG’s nutritionists – deliver a host of health benefits to animals. We appropriately named it NutriVantage.

“It’s a flagship of our research here,” says Dr. Michael Edmonds, vice president of swine and poultry at KNG. “NutriVantage is exclusive to us, and the results we see from it are consistently outstanding.”

For example, by introducing NutriVantage for swine into diets or via water, immune systems can improve, mortality rates can drop and producers can see more return on investment. NutriVantage is particularly effective at stabilizing blood glucose levels during times of stress, especially in nursery pigs. KNG’s research on NutriVantage has covered every stage of swine production, Edmonds says.

“It’s exceptional in pig starter feed but the benefits go much farther than that,” he says. “We can use it in all aspects of livestock with great results.”

NutriVantage for swine formulas are made with exclusive nutritional components, including organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants and chelating agents that provide optimal nutritional supplementation to a pig’s digestive tract. NutriVantage for swine is available in a feed supplement or a water-soluble supplement as NutriVantage Hydra or NutriVantage HydraElectro and in select products featuring the NutriVantage logo.

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