Quality animal nutrition begins with quality manufacturing

We hold our products to the highest standard, from incoming ingredients to finished products. The safety of our employees and your animals is our number one priority.

Quality Plants & Mills

We do not just follow standards, we set them. Maximizing quality and safety means tracking every last ingredient that goes into our feeds.

We require our ingredient suppliers to embrace the same strict feed and food safety criteria that we do, to ensure our rigorous quality standards are met. Additionally, our animal feed manufacturing specialists continually test our products under real-world conditions to ensure quality and consistency.

map of Kent Nutrition Group plant locations

KNG Headquarters

2905 Highway 61 N
Muscatine, IA 52761
Customer Service: 866-647-1212

Altoona, IA

203 1st Avenue North
Altoona, IA 50009
Phone: 515-967-4219
Toll-Free: 800-397-5368
Fax: 515-967-4517

Arcade, NY

50 William Street
Arcade, NY 14009
Phone: 585-492-4120
Fax: 585-492-1540

Beardstown, IL

8769 Kent Feed Road
Beardstown, IL 62618
Phone: 217-323-1216
Toll-Free: 800-252-2938
Fax: 217-323-1933

Bow, NH

520 Hall Street
Bow, NH 03304
Phone: 603-225-6661
Toll-Free: 800-343-0530
Fax: 603-225-6664

Columbus, NE

5445 East 23rd Street
Columbus, NE 68601
Phone: 402-564-1391
Toll-Free: 800-228-3312
Fax: 402-564-1559

Hagerstown, MD

11431 Hopewell Road
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Phone: 301-582-0400
Toll-Free: 800-845-5413
Fax: 301-582-4072

Ireton, IA

801 Main Street
Ireton, IA 51027
Phone: 712-631-7620

Logansport, IN

2407 South 400 East
Logansport, IN 46947
Phone: 574-722-5368
Toll-Free: 800-348-3111
Fax: 574-722-1162

Marshall, MO

2855 West Arrow
Marshall, Missouri 65340
Phone: 660-886-6859
Toll-Free: 800-892-7841
Fax: 660-886-2391

Mason, MI

725 Hull Road
Mason, MI 48854
Phone: 517-676-9544
Toll-Free: 800-837-5368
Fax: 517-676-5799

Richford, VT

1 Webster Street
Richford, VT 05476
Phone: 802-848-7718
Toll-Free: 800-451-3200
Fax: 802-848-7512

Rockford, IL

1612 South Bend Road
Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: 815-874-2411
Toll-Free: 800-892-2161
Fax: 815-874-2410

Sheldon, IA

1500 RMT Avenue
Sheldon, IA 51201
Phone: 712-324-4694

Waterloo, IA

2233 West Airline Highway
Waterloo, IA 50703
Phone: 319-235-0387
Toll-Free: 800-728-5368
Fax: 319-235-9647

Our Kent products are primarily available throughout the Midwest, with some commercial products being sold in the East. Blue Seal products are only available throughout the Eastern U.S. at our stores, dealers and retailers. In addition, we also manufacture custom animal feed formulas for livestock producers to order and provide the needed assistance to develop custom feeding programs as requested. As part of our commitment to innovation, we also regularly provide nutritional information and research findings to help promote proper care, growth development, and species specific nutritional analysis and research reports.

Kent Corporation logo with tagline: "From Field to Family: Helping a Growing World Do More"

Certified Manufacturing Facilities

All Kent Nutrition Group manufacturing facilities (15 total) have received the Safe Feeds/Safe Foods (SF/SF) certification by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). The SF/SF certification program is the first of its kind to offer a pledge and a commitment to an extensive feed safety control program. Among the SF/SF criteria are assessing and controlling hazards, tracing and tracking products, and documenting and controlling processing and manufacturing.

What does the Safe Feed/Safe Food logo signify?

Earning this certification means devoting time and resources to developing a detailed plan of action, fulfilling specific requirements and demonstrating the ways facilities exceed industry standards. These efforts show that our employees are doing all they can to protect the future, while maintaining and enhancing our company’s reputation. The SF/SF certification recognizes that our manufacturing plants and mills meet safety standards that go beyond existing regulations to maximize the safety of our facilities and our products.

We’re proud of our SF/SF certification, but what truly drives us is our commitment to quality, service and trust. We take these measures for the safety of your animals and for the future of animal nutrition. We consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position to do so.

Learn more about SF/SF certification on the AFIA website.

Healthy, productive animals nurtured
Entire feed manufacturing process certified
Enhanced business practices implemented
Potential product liability reduced
Brand value protected
Industry recognition earned
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