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Cheryl’s #MyTrustStory for Kent Feeds

Cheryl R. owns seven horses, four rescue dogs, two cats, “the nastiest rooster on the East Coast,” and a two-year-old steer named Jingles – a pet who’s become a favorite among her New England neighbors. For more than 40 years, Cheryl has only trusted her animals’ nutrition to Blue Seal feeds – and not just for what she describes as “the amazing” health benefits.

From the customer service she gets at her local Blue Seal store, to the science and research that goes into the feed formulas, to the quick answers she receives whenever she has a question . . . the company has felt like an extended part of her family for decades.

“It’s really the whole package,” she says. “I absolutely trust them.”

Cheryl adds that she’s been comforted over the years by Blue Seal’s attention to quality and consistency. “It’s the only feed I know of that’s never been recalled,” she says. “I will never buy anything else.”

What she feeds Jingles:

Backyard Basics All Stock 14 

What she feeds her horses (including two “very hard keepers”):

Sentinel LS

What she feeds her dogs and cats:


What she feeds her moody rooster:

Blue Seal Scratch Feed

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