Reputation matters.

Just like many of our customers, the Blue Seal® brand has its roots in New England. In 1868, Henry K. Webster started the company in Lawrence, Massachusetts, with one goal: to offer high-quality products made with the best nutritional feed ingredients. With this quality-first philosophy, the Blue Seal brand has built its reputation among its customers throughout the East.

Today, we continue to build that reputation with products focused on high-quality nutrition and superior ingredients for equine, dairy, poultry, pet, and other animal feed. More than 145 years after our start, we stand as the leading animal nutrition brand in the East because we remain focused on three characteristics:


Quality matters. At every step.

Quality is built into more than our products. It is embedded into everything we do: our production methods, our ingredients, even our packaging. It is part of your experience in our stores and with our dealers. It is what you can expect from Blue Seal, every day and in every bag. Here’s what quality means to us:

Product Innovation

Our team of industry-leading nutritionists are always developing ways to enhance animal health at our 800-acre Product Development Center. We lead the way with nutrition technology that supports animal health and enhances performance.

Higher Standards

We do not just follow standards, we set them. All of our Kent and Blue Seal feeds are American made in award-winning plants certified by the American Feed Industry Association. We require our ingredient suppliers to embrace the same feed and food safety criteria as we do to ensure our rigorous quality standards are met. Additionally, we continually test our products under real-world conditions to ensure quality and consistency.

Personalized Support

Whether you are managing a large dairy operation, running a small farm, or feeding the family pet, your satisfaction matters. We believe every customer is part of our family, and we are here to help do what is right for you and your animals.

Where we are sold.

Blue Seal products are available throughout the Eastern U.S. at our stores, dealers, and retailers. To find the location nearest you, visit the Blue Seal Store Locator.

Visit the Blue Seal website for more information.

We stand by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We always have.

Our Mission

We strive to be the most trusted and preeminent regionally focused animal nutrition brand in the East.

Our Promise

Quality animal nutrition that you can trust — guaranteed.