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Bill Warnstaff – Reputation

Bill Warnstaff – Fulfillment Services Coordinator

When he first started working for Kent Nutrition Group 21 years ago, Bill Warnstaff’s job was to maintain one of the biggest visual identifiers for Kent Feeds: its familiar black, red and yellow signs.

“I was on the sign truck that went all around the Midwest and I put up Kent signs for all the dealers,” Warnstaff says. “Most anybody in this part of the country can relate to seeing those signs on the side of the road. I helped put them up and maintained them.”

Today Warnstaff helps coordinate the shipping and fulfillment department for both Kent and Blue Seal feeds, and he still gets calls from longtime customers asking if he has any of those old Kent Feed signs (He doesn’t.) His job now involves supporting the marketing and sales teams by inventorying and distributing printed brochures, novelty giveaways, product promotions and launch packets, dealer awards and any other items that need to be shipped to various territories.

“We touch pretty much everything except for the actual feed we sell,” Warnstaff says with a laugh.

Until recently, Warnstaff had never lived more than a mile from a Kent dealer. As a kid he recalls seeing “a Kent bumper sticker on every pickup truck around.” Moving from working on the sign truck into the shipping and fulfillment center – where he’s been for the past 18 years – has given him a new perspective on the company’s commitment to customer service.

“If someone calls with a question and one person can’t answer it, they’ll get them to someone who can – every time,” Warnstaff says. “We’ll take care of them. People know that.”

And just as Kent’s customers are loyal to its feed, its employees are loyal to the company, he says.

“There’s a lot of experience and loyalty in this company,” Warnstaff says. “I’ve met a lot of my lifelong friends at this job, and they’re all humble; we all care about each other. I really believe that adds to our reputation.”

Bill lives in Lone Tree, Iowa with his wife, Kelli. They have one grown son and “live for Iowa Hawkeye football games.” They also enjoy going to car shows and cruising around in their convertible on the weekends.

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