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Q&A with Dr. Brandon Koch, Ruminant Nutritionist

At Kent, we are passionate about the beef industry. The desire for a better beef feed is what started the company in 1927 and continues to drive our efforts today. A big part of the driving force behind our innovations is the passion our team has for the beef industry. To learn more about what fuels our teams’ passion, we asked some of them a few questions.

BRANDON KOCH, – Ruminant Nutritionist

Q: How long have you had cattle and/or been part of the beef industry?

A: I’ve been “in the beef industry” for over 20 years – but professionally employed for about 11 years.

Q: What is the most enjoyable part of being in the beef industry?

A: I love the segmentation of the industry – and being able to appreciate it in the various roles I’ve had – from showing cattle, breeding cattle, feeding cattle, and harvesting them – watching the beauty of God’s creation turn grass into palatable, nutrition beef is inspiring.

Q: What Kent product(s) do you feel have made a difference for you or your customers?

A: I get excited about our performance and feed technology based products. Kent Performance Primer and Framework 365 Mineral Performance are two newer products that I’ve really started to see an impact in the field.

Q: What is your favorite cut of beef?

A: That’s nearly impossible for me to answer. For steak grilling – it’s a strip loin, or if I can get one – my favorite muscle, the spinalis doris – the little cap muscle on the ribeye – but it’s hard to beat churrasco style tri-tip and picanha.


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