Company news and information we wouldn’t normally issue a formal Press/News Release for.

Meet Tyler Schleich

Territory Sales Manager, Central Region A few years after Tyler Schleich graduated from college, a recruiter alerted him to a job opportunity in the feed business. Tyler grew up on a farm with commercial beef and pork operations in Western Illinois, and he always had an interest in the feed business, especially for cattle. But …

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Meet Jeff Bogus

What are the three things large producers and backyard farmers demand from their feed? Jeff Bogus knows. Read the article to find out how Kent delivers and why Jeff says it makes a huge difference.

Meet Dennis Crawford

Dennis grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa and remembers always having bags of Kent feed around for their dairy cows, cattle and swine. Now he works with Midwest producers to improve efficiencies by finding the right feeding programs for their operations. Read to find out how he does it! #BeefMonth #BuiltOnTrust

Why I Trust Blue Seal

Lisa Steele’s livelihood depends on her flock. Find out why this 5th generation chicken keeper and coop-to-kitchen cook trusts Blue Seal to keep her girls healthy and productive.

Kent Nutrition Group COVID-19 Response Measures – Swine

We are facing unprecedented times in the livestock industry with the effects of COVID-19 on the packing industry. With the closing or slowdown in several pork packing plants, we as an industry are struggling to deal with options for pigs that cannot be shipped to market. The Kent Nutrition Group Swine Team shares some strategies and nutritional suggestions.

Built On Trust: Reputation

Steve Frieler has been selling Kent Feeds for two decades. Find out why he trusts his reputation to Kent, and how he helps customers stay profitable. (Spoiler: Feed efficiency.)

Built On Trust: Research

Trust is built on our research farm. Find out how our vice president of nutrition and product development, Bruce Read, and his team formulate research-proven products that improve the health and performance of animals day in and day out.

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