Company news and information we wouldn’t normally issue a formal Press/News Release for.

Built On Trust: Research

Trust is built on our research farm. Find out how our vice president of nutrition and product development, Bruce Read, and his team formulate research-proven products that improve the health and performance of animals day in and day out.

Meet the Websters

Phil and Lisa are 5th generation sheep farmers who also raise pigs—hundreds of pigs. Read the full article to find out why they choose Blue Seal for their sustainable, animal-centered operation.

Meet Dr. Jim Smith

Growing up, Dr. Smith owned and showed pigs from his grandparent’s farm in Indiana. Now, as Kent’s Senior Technical Swine Nutritionist, he works with producers to formulate customized feeding programs that improve their profitability. Read the full article to find out how.

Investing in the Future!

Kent Corporation is investing in the future of innovation to help our growing world do more. We thought that called for celebration, so we hosted a Kent Cy-Hawk tailgate at the University of Iowa vs. Iowa State University football game!

Meet Darron Dolezal

Dolezal Farm Supply is a third-generation family farm supply business carrying feed for hogs, cattle, sheep, chickens —and even camels. Read the full article to find out how they build great relationships with their customers. (HINT: Inventory. And his dad’s great cooking.)

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