A message from our president.

At Kent Nutrition Group, we are passionate about animal nutrition — from the pasture, the barn, the feedlot, or your back yard. No other company is better positioned to meet the specific nutritional needs of those animals as well as serve the ever-changing challenges faced by our customers.

We have two iconic brands that, combined, have served their regions for over two centuries — Kent in the Midwest since 1927 and Blue Seal in the East since 1868. These two brands are now part of one company, Kent Nutrition Group. Both brands are still grounded in the same values and principles that made them great — high-quality nutritional products, great personal service and long-standing relationships based on mutual trust.

At Kent Nutrition Group, we are committed to providing proven, quality animal nutrition through these two trusted regional brands. This allows us to stay close to and be more responsive to customer needs. Both Kent and Blue Seal brands continue the legacy of quality started by their founders and exemplify our brand promise: Quality animal nutrition you can trust — guaranteed. Because we’re positioned to know the unique needs of our customers, we can provide the research-based nutrition their animals need in every batch and every bag.

We live by a simple philosophy: Deliver the highest quality products, from two known and trusted brands. That’s what you can count on from Kent Nutrition Group.

John Thorpe
President, Kent Nutrition Group

John Thorpe